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大一英语口语对话短文 my future英语作文大学作文

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  let's go swimming.



  o.k. where should we go?



  why don't we go down to the lake? it's not too far from here.



  fine. i'll be ready in a minute.




  i hope you won't mind a little friendly advice.



  not at all. they say a true friend is the one who tells you the truth about yourself.



  well, i've noticed that you haven't been looking so well lately. i'd like to introduce you to a good doctor.



  yeah, i'm not feeling good lately.



  let me make an appointment with my doctor, doctor smith. he's very good.



  thanks. i'd appreciate it.




  i really envy these stewardesses. i wish i could be one of them.






  what! anyone can be a stewardess if she is tall and good-looking.



  honey, that's not as simple as you think. to be a flight attendant, the most important thing is to be amiable. more, you must speak english fluently.



  god, i'm done. you know my english will hold me back.



  well, go practice your english first.



  my future英语作文大学作文篇1

  i earnestly hope to lead a healthy and prosperous life in the future. judging from my aptitude inclination and personality streaks, my ideal life will be that of a scientist, researching, lecturing, and writing books. as i am from a farming family, i particularly enjoy being close to earth. if i can afford to live a pastoral life in the countryside, i will feel most blessed. as far as social life is concerned, simplicity is what i intend to pursue, so i really don't need too many friends. all these will be mere talk if i am idle now. to attain my goal, i must make a point of training my body and mind. this is a highly competitive society in which everyone is eager to come out on top. that is not only a competition of physical strength and mental power, but a marathon of patience, faith, and perseverance. life is not all roses, but with what i am being equipped with by the top teachers in this elite school, i surely deserve a promising prospect.


  my future英语作文大学作文篇2

  i have a dream in my mind for a long time.the dream is that i want to travel all over the world.if possible,i will first travel to the u.s.a after my graduation from the middle school.america has left a very deep impression in my mind when i read some magazines and watch the american films on my computer.i think it is an amazing country which is far away from china.i will take a plane to go there,perhaps with my classmates.we will have some sight-seeings in different cities of america,have a talk with the native americans and learn something about its development.i am sure that we will enjoy our stay there.

  my future英语作文大学作文篇3

  the first floor of the house is a primeval forest, there are many animals in the forest: dinosaurs, the panda, a giraffe, elephant, the monkey...... oh there are many don't name the bird, if children do homework do tired, can run down to play with the lovely little animals, listen to the birds singing, breathe fresh air, let the heart is relax. the second floor of the house is kitchen and dining-room, a doorbell and a sweet greeting will float up: "welcome you the presence!" and then, a lovely little girl smiled and opened the door for you, smile to you like all kinds of drinks and cakes. the little girl is robot nanny, give priority to people cooking, washing clothes, with children. into the dining room, you can see a clean table and a row of automatic sofa. the nanny, you finish cooking automatic table will long arm, put the dishes neatly set. automatic sofa touch very sensitive, as long as you sit on the sofa, the sofa out two both gentle and strong hands immediately for you a massage, let all of your fatigue. went into the kitchen, you may be surprised, because there is no you familiar with the lampblack machine, gas stove, electric rice cooker, pressure cooker, only a computer and colourful variety of button. nanny cooking, need not move a knife shovels, standard just put the food into the computer, click on the corresponding push button, a table for the abundance of the food is done. this is my future home, cool!

  房子的第一层是一个原始森林,森林里有许多动物:恐龙、熊猫、长颈鹿、大象、猴子……还有许多叫不出名儿的小鸟,如果小朋友做作业做累了,就可以跑下来和可爱的小动物们玩耍,听听鸟儿唱歌,呼吸呼吸新鲜空气,让全身心都得到放松。 房子的第二层是厨房和餐厅,一按门铃,一句悦耳动听的问候语便飘了过来:“欢迎您的光临!”,接着,一个可爱的小女孩微笑着为你打开门,微笑着送上你喜欢的各式饮料和糕点。这个小女孩是机器人保姆,专门为主人做饭、洗衣服、带小孩。 走进餐厅,就能看见一张干干净净的全自动桌子和一排全自动沙发。只要保姆烧好饭菜,全自动桌子就会伸出长长的手臂,把饭菜整齐地摆好。全自动沙发触觉很灵敏,只要你坐到沙发上,沙发立即伸出两只既温柔又有力的小手为你按摩,让你所有的疲劳烟消云散。 走进厨房,你们也许会奇怪,因为这里没有你们熟悉的油烟机、煤气灶、电饭锅、高压锅,只有一台电脑和花花绿绿的各式按钮。保姆烧饭时,不用动刀动铲,只需把饭菜的标准输进电脑,按一下相应的铵钮,一桌丰盛的饭菜便搞定了。 这就是我未来的家园,够酷吧!

  my future英语作文大学作文篇4

  i want to be a scientist, a with newton's famous scientist. i will eliminate one thousand confusion in people's mind: find out what a ufo is; chaming bermuda "devil's triangle" where "magic" came from, the mysteries of the pyramid and pharaoh curse... i want to solve the problem facing the human existence: the study of high yield crops can make global human get rid of hunger; control air pollution, water pollution, land desertification and a series of environmental problems; development of space resources can make human survival after "sun" out... this is my biggest wish.

  i want to be a writer, a leo? tolstoy's famous writer. i want to call for peace: i want to like lu xun, in the hands of the pen as a weapon, enthusiastically praise all who love peace and against war, i want to let doves in every piece of blue sky to fly all over the world, let the olive branch grow on each piece of green space in the world... i want to criticize ugliness. : i want to let the people are discerning eyes see ugliness, believe in the truth, i want to let the flower of love with the world... this is another one of my wish.

  i want to be a reporter, i want to be a pilot, i want to be a adventurer... my goal too far too far, my wish too much too much, but i will still try to achieve them. i believe a famous saying: "it takes a lifetime to achieve good wish in the heart, even if it is an endless road, toward the distant place, and there was a distant..."




  my future英语作文大学作文篇5

  everyone wants to know their future, but nobody knows it. i hope my future will like that. i think i will be an excellent lawyer in the future. i help many people who is in difficulty. i will help the people are in need, no matter they are rich or poor. then i think i will have a good reputation among the society. in order to have a good body, i will do some exercise every week. my family will be proud of me and always stand behind me. i will work hard to reach my future. ok, this is the future in my dream. what’ yours?


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