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dear leaders: he


proficiency in: photoshop, coreldraw, illustrator, pagemaker graphic design software (and the success of the graphic design work). with the continuous development of society, only with

professional knowledge is unable to meet the needs of the times. spare time, therefore i am learning a lot of knowledge, not only eich their own, but also cultivate a wide range of skills of their own. in their efforts to do a good job at the same time the nature of the work, but also continuously improve the overall quality.clear, i know: a thousand miles begins with a single step, the talent in the fierce market, all i have to start from scratch, with an open mind to learn to forge ahead and make their own as soon as

you give me a chance, i will give you surprises!

people put themselves forward: x x x篇二:求职信高考英语作文



i. 开篇点题,交代消息来源、写明写信的目的.


ii. 介绍个人简历,重点放在与所申请的工作相关的知识技能的介绍上,要有详有略.常用短语:

graduate from? be good / skilled at? enjoy doing sth in one’s spare time?get on well with?

iii. 表达盼望尽快收到答复的迫切愿望并表明感激之情.



a :第一段开头:写信的目的(purpose)

1.i learned from your advertisement that you are in need of a ?

2.i saw from your advertisement in yesterday’s china daily that ?

3.having known that your office needs a ? i would like to apply for the post.

4.i’m interested in the post which you advertised in yesterday’s china daily.

5.i’m looking for a job as a?and would be grateful if you would consider me for such a post in

your firm.


自我介绍 (self-introduction)

1.i’m good at.../ i do well in.../ i master... well......

2.i have a good knowledge of.../ i have the ability to...

4. i’ll be fit for the job.

5. i’ll get on very well with my fellow workers.

6.once i’m hired, i’ll devote myself to the cause of the...

工作经历的常用句型:work experiences

1.i once worked as a ...for two years


2.i was working as a ... during the period of ....

3. in 2000 i worked....

4.i’ve had the experience of... 5.i’ve been... since...


1、i have learned english for 8 years. i am very good at english, so i have been an editor of my schools english paper in the past two years.

2、i’m an excellent student, among the top 5 in my class of 50 students.my grades are among the best ones in my department.


1、if i could have the opportunity to get the job i will be quite appreciative.thank you for your consideration. i look forward to hearing from you.

2、 i think i’m suited for the job. if you can let me have this chance i will try my best to do it well. expecting you answer. you can connect me by posting a letter to no 4 middle school of zhuzhou or dial this number:0733-8483628.

3、i will be quite appreciative if i am offered the opportunity.

thank you for your consideration. i wish to get your answer soon.

如果我能有机会得到这份工作,我会非常感激。 谢谢您的考虑。我盼望着您的回信。 3


dear sir or madam,

i write this letter to apply for the position that you have advertised in____________(报纸名称)of________(广告发布时间).

not only do i have the qualifications for this job, but i also have the right personality for a __________(工作名称). on the one hand,_______________________________(第一个原因). on the other hand, __________________________________(另一个原因).

should you grant me a personal interview, i would be most grateful. if you need to

know more about me, please feel free to contact me at any time at _______________(电话号码)

thank you for considering my application, and i am looking forward to meeting you.

yours sincerely,

li ming





年龄: 学习情况及英语水平: 兴趣和特长; 性格特点。 词数:100左右

dear sir / madam,

i’m looking forward to your reply.

sincerely yours,

li hua



① 年份应写全。例如不能用“99”来代替“1999”;

② 月份应写英文名称,可用缩写,如:sept., oct.。但不要用数字来代替,如7/4/99或7,4,99. ③日期可用基数词1,2,3,4??31等,也可用序数词1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th?... 31st等。


a: july 7, 1998

b. 7 july, 1998

c. july 7th, 1998

d. 7th july, 1998

④ 注: 英文书信日期应紧着写信人地址下一行,不能像写中文书信那样写在书信签名之后。

练习: 〈〈英语周报〉〉在全国范围内招聘中学生记者,假如你是李华,闻讯后于2005年4月22日写一篇应聘信给报社社长张先生,用英语介绍自己,内容如下:






英语周报:english weekly 翻译:translate

dear mr. zhang,

recently i have learnt from english weekly that you need little reporters from middle

yours sincerely, li hua篇三:高中英语作文--求职信




2.学习情况和英文水平; 3.兴趣特长;4.性格特点。




dear sir/madam ,

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ i m looking forward to your reply . sincerely yours,

li hua

dear sir or madam,

单词、短语、句子积累: 1. secretary n. 秘书 2. assistant n.助手

3. easy-going adj.随和的 4. outgoing adj.外向的 5. in my spare time 6. broaden my horizons 7. apply for the job

8. have a gift for 在??有天赋

9. do well in \ be good at

10. i major in english. 我主修英语。 11.i’m li hua, a eighteen-year-old boy, studying in xin xing foreign school. 12.as for hobbies, reading is my favourite.

13.i have a wide range of hobbies, such as singing, dancing, writing and so on.

14.i easily.

16.i’m interested in the position, hoping that i can work for you. 17.as an outgoing boy, i think i can get along well with my colleagues.


假设你是新华中学的学生李华,得知某英文报社招聘兼职记者,你有意应聘,请按下列要点给报社写一封自荐信。 1. 表示感兴趣;

2. 说明优势:知识面,英语水平,合作精神,相关经历; 3. 希望得到回复。

注意:1) 词数100左右。可适当增加细节以使行文连贯。 2) 开头已给出,不计入总词数。 dear sir or madam,

i’m a student from xinhua middle school. ___________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________范文

dear sir or madam,

i’m a student from xinhua middle school. i learn(ed) from the newspaper that you want a few part-time english reporters.as a student, i’ve read a lot, which . english, especially spoken english. besides, being an outgoing student, i’m easy to get along with and always have above all, i once worked as a reporter for my school broadcasting station, and therefore i have accumulated much experience. sincerely yours, li hua


n. 记者

n. 主持面试者;采访者n. 参加面试者;接受采访者 3. fluently adv. 流利地;流畅地 frequently adv. 频繁地 4. be fit for the job


10. i participated in some related activities, from which i realized the importance of working with others.


你校英语外籍教师 emesto and stasi 暑假期间准备在本地开一家西餐小店,要找若干名高中生为无酬打工人员。下面是招聘启事: wanted

4 middle school students

do service work and act as translators healthy and helpful

假定你叫李华,愿意应聘。请写封电子邮件,介绍自己,并说明你愿意应聘的理由。 词数110左右。开头已写好,不计入总词数。 dear emesto and stasi,

i happened to have read your advertisement and decide to apply for the job.yours sincerely, li hua


i happened to have read your advertisement and have decided to apply for the job. the following is my self-introduction.

by acting as a translator for you, unpaid as it is, not only will it eich my life, but also be of great benefit to me in the long run. apart from gaining the opportunity to practise my spoken english, i can accumulate some valuable job experience.i’d appreciate it if you could take my application into consideration. looking forward to your early reply!

yours sincerely,

li hua


1. serve v.服务 service n.服务

2. warm-hearted,easy-going, outgoing,optimistic, 3. do well in, be good at

4. be equal to/be fit for 5. serve as/act as充当

6. in my spare time, i often do some exercise and take part in many activities, which builds up my


7. being an active person, i’m easy to get along with and always ready to help others in trouble. 8. what’s more, being an active young person, i like sports and outdoor activities, so i’m healthy. 9. i used to do a part-time job in a restaurant, so i am rich in experience in service work/i have

accumulated much experience of service work.

10. besides, being an outgoing player, i’m healthy and active, which is of great importance to service


11. i would be grateful if i could be accepted/employed/if you give/offer me a chance/if i get the job.


某国际动物关爱协会面向全球中学生招募“动物代言人”,希望申请者选择一种自己喜欢的动物,为之代言 (speak for)。假设你是重庆新华中学的学生李华,有意参与该活动,现请你用英文在线填写申请表 (仅需填写“申请陈述”部分),内容如下:

● 表示有意参加

● 说明自己富有爱心、关爱动物 ● 打算为何种动物代言,并说明理由 ● 希望申请成功


(1) 请在答题卡规定区域内作答; (2) 词数100左右;

(3) “申请陈述”的第一句已经给出,不计入总词数。

篇二:高考英语话题作文之24 文学与艺术 (Literature and art)

话题24文学与艺术 (Literature and art)

I. 课前自主复习本话题作文相关词汇和短语

? 1.诗(总称);诗意 ? 11. drama n.

? 2. (长篇)小说? 16. represent vt.

? 3. novelist n.? 13. background n.

? 4. adapt vt.? 14. adj.原创的n.原作? 5. literature n.? 15. n. 艺术

? 6. n.角色;人物? 16. n. 艺术家

? 7. fiction n.? 17. sculpture n.

? 8. classic adj.? 18. gallery n.

? 9. literary adj.? 19. adj. 典型的;

? 10. essay n. ? 20. adj. 有价值的

? 21. 相声 ? 26.在……中担任主角

? 22. 京剧 ? 27.作为……而著称 ? 23. (书)出版 ? 28.在……中受欢迎

? 24. 以……为基础 ? 29.当代文学 ? 25. 以……为背景? 30.民间文学


1. have a strong interest in 对……有强烈的兴趣


painting when he was a child

2. the art of Chinese folk paper cutting中国民间剪纸艺术, with a history of具有……的历史 我国的民间剪纸艺术超过1, 000多年的历史, 闻名全世界。

II. 语篇欣赏与运用


200 years, is very popular in China. (京剧在中国很受欢迎,历史悠久,有200多年的历史)。During the Qing dynasty, the emperor

(对??有强烈的兴趣)local operas. 18世纪末), to celebrate the emperor’s 80th birthday, local opera troupes(戏班子) from different parts of China came to Beijing to perform for him. Four famous troupes from Anhui Province remained in Beijing after the celebration and gradually 新剧种慢慢形成了,被称为京剧。)

Task 实战演练,用前面所学技巧,写一篇相类似的作文。






历 史:最早出现于北宋

特 点:形如银针,外形优美;口感甘甜;年份越久,功效越好

功 效:常饮有益健康,可预防高血压等疾病,还可以辅助治疗牙痛和发烧等

参考词汇:针 needle, 高血压high blood pressure, 牙痛toothache, 发烧fever

【评分标准】 句子结构准确,信息内容完整,篇章结构连贯。






历 史:最早出现于北宋

特 点:形如银针,外形优美;口感甘甜;年份越久,功效越好

功 效:常饮有益健康,可预防高血压等疾病,还可以辅助治疗牙痛和发烧等 参考词汇:针 needle, 高血压high blood pressure, 牙痛toothache, 发烧fever 白茶(中国六大茶类之一)



白茶,因呈银白色而得名(定语从句),被认为是中国六大茶类之一。 主要产地:福建、台湾

历 史:最早出现于北宋



特 点:形如银针,外形优美;口感甘甜;年份越久,功效越好


1.白茶因优美的如银针的外形, 甘甜的口感和医药功效而著名。

2.年份越久,功效越好(the+比较级,the+比较级) 功 效:常饮有益健康,可预防高血压等疾病,还可以辅助治疗牙痛和发烧等.高血压 high blood pressure


relieve the pain of toothache and fever

整理成篇 and can be used in preventing diseases like high blood pressure and helping relieve the pain of toothache and fever



历史: 1) 传统的民间艺术,历史悠久,起源于1000多年前;

2) 清朝时期开始盛行,是人们日常生活的一部分。

种类: 1) 三种:用于装饰、宗教和设计; 2) 用于装饰的剪纸使用最为广泛。

现状: 1) 送礼佳品,深受外国友人喜爱; 2) 有30多家经营剪纸的商店,产品远销东南亚。

[写作内容] 请根据以上信息写一篇100字左右的英语短文,介绍佛山剪纸艺术,供外国游客参考,

内容包括: 佛山剪纸艺术的历史、种类及现状。


Foshan paper-cutting is a traditional folk art with a long history, which dates back to more than 1000 years ago. In Qing Dynasty, paper-cutting became popular in Foshan and was an important part of people’s daily life. There are three kinds of paper cuts: paper cuts for decoration, for religious purposes and for design, among which those for decoration are the most widely used. Nowadays, paper-cutting products are often chosen as presents and foreigner are always fond of them. There are more than 30 shops for paper cuts in Foshan, and paper-cutting products sell as far as in Southeast Asia.




他是“中国腾飞的符号”,“世界的郎朗,华人的骄傲”。 他的音乐才华以及热情奔放的性情使他成为古典音乐最理想的诠释者。他是伟大的华人音乐家,一流的青年音乐家。他带给世界中国的声音。

My favourate artist

Music can brings hearing enjoy to people.It in a specific way influence people's feelings.The spirit of the people of the world are given purification and rich.Make people's spiritual power to get extremely enhance.My favourite artist is Lang lang.He was several American authoritative media called "this era's most genius,the brightest star idols".He is employed in the topof the Berlin philharmonic and he is the five big symphony orchestra of the first Chinese pianist.The reason that I like him because of his music is very dynamicand has fresh life force.His music has abundantemotion, and is suitable for The Time.He said all of the music, all the songs are like a movie.I like this sentence very much.

I like him so much mostly because he is the“China soar symbolsthe world,the pride of the Chinese lang lang.He is the great Chinese musician,the first class young musician.He brings to the world the voice of China.

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